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We manufacture a whole range of Pipe Fittings being applied to Water Line establishments with a Base Working Pressure factor of 300 lbs/inch2 or 21.42 kgf/cm2 hydraulically.


Our fittings withstand least working pressing factor of 2.1 mpa equivalent to 21 bars using pressurized water. ‘MG’ Brand pipe fittings range from 1/4” to 6” sizes.

A variety of tests are conducted to guarantee top notch quality and accuracy of crude materials as well as in-process materials. The accompanying outline shows chemical composition and physical properties of ‘MG’ Brand Pipe Fittings.

Chemical Composition:

  • Carbon (C): 2.5% - 2.7%

  • Silicon (Si): 1.00% - 1.10%

  • Manganese (Mn): 0.3% - 0.35%

  • Phosphorus (P): 0.12% - 0.15%

  • Sulphur (S): 0.05% - 0.08%

Physical Properties:

  • Brinell Hardness: 150BHN Maximum

  • Tensile Strength: 33 - 36 Kg/mm2 or 325 - 350mpa

  • Percentage Elongation: 06 - 12%

The manufacturing is done in accordance with measurements set by the Department of Indian Guidelines with their most recent alterations which are as following:

Dimensions: Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fittings as per IS: 1879-2010 (Part I to X)

Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized as per IS: 2633-1986, IS: 6745-1972 and IS: 4759-1996. Minimum Zinc Coating 610gm/m2

Material Specifications: Black Heart Malleable Cast Iron as per IS: 14329-1995; Grade BM300

Threads: As per IS: 554-1999/ISO 7.1:1994 Both Parallel & Taper.







* For product specific dimensions, please refer to our catalogue 

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